Premium XE - Large Network Monitoring

NetCrunch Premium XE ships with a variety of technologies that allow agentless and effective controlling of large network environments.

Advanced Multithreading

NetCrunch Premium XE is designed for high-performance, multi-core systems. By utilizing the performance characteristics of multi-core x64 machines, the program achieves maximum responsiveness and speed. As a result, XE edition can poll and process large amounts of data, allowing users to control even several thousand nodes.

Prioritized Monitoring

The program automatically sets up node monitoring order and time upon monitoring dependencies hierarchy. It means that nodes which are more important, are monitored more frequently. Prioritized monitoring is also designated to support event suppression technology and helps to determine the real source of the problem.

Administrator can also modify monitoring order by assigning importance level to particular nodes. For example, nodes marked as "critical" (servers, routers, firewalls, or nodes with more than two monitored network services) are monitored before any other nodes.

Event Suppression

In case of intermediate node failure, the program suppresses alerts from nodes located beyond that node. It's very important when monitoring nodes across WAN links.