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Server-based, Multi-Layered Anti-spam Solution Used by Thousands of customers, Worldwide

Windows 2008The most effective way to beat spammers at their game is to use GFI MailEssentialsTM, a leading anti-spam solution that has won several awards.

GFI MailEssentials features not one, but two anti-spam engines to give administrators an ultra high spam capture rate out-of-the-box with minimal configuration. Incorporating multiple anti-spam modules and technologies, GFI MailEssentials not only delivers one of the highest spam capture rates in the industry, over 99%, but it is also a market leader in reducing false positives.

Shipping at a highly competitive price, GFI MailEssentials has been designed for ease-of-use. With its agile anti-spam methodologies, not only will administrators benefit from out-of-the-box filtering, but they will also gain protection from each new attack without the need to tweak GFI MailEssentials. IP reputation filtering, Bayesian filtering, greylisting, directory harvesting attack protection and other advanced anti-spam technologies are also included, ensuring the safe delivery of important emails.

GFI MailEssentials detects and blocks phishing emails, and adds email management tools to your mail server, including disclaimers, mail monitoring, Internet mail reporting, list server, server-based auto replies and POP3 downloading.

Why Choose GFI MailEssentials as Your Exchange Anti-spam Filter?

  • Thousands of installations worldwide, and winner of many awards
  • Ultra high spam detection rate (over 99%) through various anti-spam technologies
  • Ultra low rate of false positives
  • Tried and tested server-based anti-spam software at a highly competitive price
  • Support for industry-leading messaging platforms including Microsoft Exchange 2003, 2007, 2010 and Lotus Domino


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VM supportVirus Checking with Multiple Scanning Engines
GFI MailSecurity uses multiple antivirus engines to scan inbound email. Using multiple scanners drastically reduces the average time required to obtain the latest virus signature, enabling a faster response to combat the latest threats. Each antivirus software engine has a different response time to each new virus, depending on where the virus was discovered, and other factors. By using multiple antivirus engines, GFI MailSecurity gives you a much better chance of having the right defense, at the right moment, to combat the latest attack. Since each engine has its own heuristics and detection methods, each one brings its own strength to your email environment for detecting a particular virus and its variants. Multiple antivirus engines, as provided by GFI MailSecurity, mean better virus protection.

Scan for Trojans and Malicious Executables
The GFI MailSecurity Trojan and Executable scanner detects unknown malicious executables by analyzing what an executable does. A trojan (or malicious executable) is software that enters the victim's computer undetected, granting an attacker unrestricted access to the data stored there. The Trojan and Executable Scanner takes the approach of using built-in intelligence to rate an executable's risk level. It does this by disassembling the executable, detecting in real time what it might do and comparing its actions to a database of malicious actions. The scanner then quarantines any executables that perform suspicious activities, such as accessing a modem, making network connections or accessing the address book.

Norman Virus Control and BitDefender Included
GFI MailSecurity is bundled with Norman Virus Control and BitDefender. Norman Virus Control is an industrial strength antivirus engine that has received the 100% Virus Bulletin award over 30 times running. BitDefender is a very fast and flexible award-winning antivirus engine that can recognize and scan a strikingly wide range of formats. GFI MailSecurity automatically checks and updates the Norman Virus Control and BitDefender definition files as they become available. The GFI MailSecurity price includes updates for one year.

Kaspersky, McAfee and AVG (optional)
To achieve even greater security, you can add the Kaspersky, McAfee and/or AVG antivirus engines as a third, fourth or fifth antivirus. Kaspersky Antivirus is ICSA-certified and is well known for the depth of its object scanning; for the high rate at which new virus signatures are released; and for its unique heuristic technology effectively neutralizing unknown viruses. Another engine, McAfee, is particularly strong at detecting non-virus attacks such as rogue ActiveX controls. You can also get AVG from GRISOFT. With 15 years of experience in the antivirus industry, GRISOFT employs various experts in antivirus software, specifically in the areas of virus analysis and detection.

Norman Sandbox and AVG Link Scanning for Enhanced Malware Detection
Combating new malware is a major challenge for administrators. One of the best ways to detect the most recent malware, for which definitions have yet to be released, is to run it in a Sandbox. GFI MailSecurity features Norman Sandbox, a technology which makes use of an emulated environment to analyze the behavior of suspicious files in cases where signature-based analysis falls short. Additionally, for those also using the optional AVG antivirus, GFI MailSecurity uses the AVG LinkScanner to analyze hyperlinks in email bodies to determine whether they point to malicious content. The AVG LinkScanner can also be configured to scan the links' destination pages.

Automatic Removal of HTML Scripts
The advent of HTML email has made it possible for hackers and virus attackers to trigger commands by embedding them in the HTML. GFI MailSecurity checks for script code in the body of an email message disabling these commands before sending the cleaned email on. GFI MailSecurity protects you from malicious HTML email using our patented process, safeguarding you from HTML viruses and attacks launched via HTML email.

Email Exploit Detection Engine
GFI's Email Exploit Engine builds on our cutting-edge research into email exploits, safeguarding you from any email virus or attack that uses known application or operating system exploits. For example, GFI MailSecurity would have protected you against the Nimda and Klez viruses when they first emerged, without requiring an antivirus update, because they used known exploits.

Spyware Detection
GFI MailSecurity's Trojan and Executable Scanner can recognize malicious files including spyware and adware. GFI MailSecurity can also detect spyware transmitted by email with the Kaspersky antivirus engine (optional) which incorporates a dedicated spyware and adware definition file that has an extensive database of known spyware, trojans and adware.

Attachment Checking
GFI MailSecurity's attachment checking rules enable administrators to quarantine attachments based on user and file type. For example, all executable attachments can be quarantined for administrator review before they are distributed to the user. GFI MailSecurity will scan for information leaks such as an employee emailing a database. You can also choose to delete attachments like .mp3 or .mpg files. The administrator can configure GFI MailSecurity to block certain attachments only if they exceed a specific size and to strip suspicious attachments from the email before sending it to the user.

GFI MailSecurity has a dashboard that gives access to various counters and important logs, giving the administrator total control of the email scanning system, resulting in improved product manageability.

Multiply the Value of GFI MailSecurity with Powerful Reporting
The GFI MailSecurity ReportPackTM is a rich-featured reporting companion to GFI MailSecurity. From trend reports for management (ROI) to daily drill-down reports for technical staff, the GFI MailSecurity ReportPack provides you with a comprehensive and easy-to-view understanding of your security patterns. Full automation and custom scheduling provide install-it-and-forget-it-functionality. The GFI MailSecurity ReportPack offers several default and customizable reports that can be prepared on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis including:

  • Viruses blocked
  • Inbound email traffic
  • Outbound email traffic
  • Total inbound and outbound email traffic
  • Processed emails
  • Blocked emails
  • And more

Granular User-based Email Content Policy Enforcement
Using GFI MailSecurity's powerful content policy rules engine, you can configure for policy rules based on user and keywords. We not only help you to quarantine potentially dangerous material for administrator approval, but also help you to scan for offensive content.

Custom Quarantine Filters
GFI MailSecurity enables you to configure a series of search folders (similar to MS Outlook) within the ‘Quarantine Store', permitting you to manage quarantined emails better and faster. For example, you can set up a folder for emails that were quarantined by virus checking and another for emails quarantined by attachment checking for a particular user, thus allowing you to prioritize. For example, it may be more important in your environment to examine the attachment checking folder first, allowing you to quickly approve and forward those emails that are appropriate.

Easy Quarantine Folder Monitoring through RSS feeds
GFI MailSecurity takes advantage of the power of RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds to simplify your work as an administrator in keeping an eye on your email quarantine store. Through RSS feeds, you will be informed of all new quarantined objects, eliminating the need to log onto the quarantine store to check for new updates manually.

Web-based Configuration for Remote Management
Our web-based configuration allows you to configure and monitor the product as well as to manage quarantined emails remotely from any computer with a browser. That means that you can monitor and manage GFI MailSecurity from anywhere in the world.

Dispatch Quarantined Email using Powerful Moderator Interface
GFI MailSecurity provides several options for moderating quarantined email. The web-based moderator allows you to approve and reject emails from anywhere on your network. We will also forward quarantined emails to an email address of your choosing, enabling you to use a public folder to distribute the work of accepting and rejecting email to multiple administrators.

Search inside of Quarantined Emails
GFI MailSecurity lets you conduct searches within quarantined email in a number of useful ways. For example, you can search among in or outbound email to or from a particular user. Searches can be carried out based on sender, recipient, the reason for quarantine and more, freeing the administrator from the tedious task of sifting through a folder full of email, one-by-one.

Full Threat Reporting for Quarantined Emails
When an email is quarantined, GFI MailSecurity gives a full report detailing all threats identified per email.

Server-based Anti-spam
GFI MailSecurity's companion product, GFI MailEssentials for Exchange/SMTP offers spam protection at server level, eliminating the need to install and update anti-spam software on each desktop. GFI MailEssentials includes a number of effective tools to virtually eliminate spam from your network. It also provides disclaimers, Internet email reporting, server-based auto replies and POP3 downloading. GFI MailEssentials integrates seamlessly with GFI MailSecurity and both can be purchased separately or as a bundle in the GFI MailDefense Suite.

Support for Virtual Environments
Organizations that are currently using or plan to use virtualization on their network can still install and use a range of GFI products with confidence. GFI MailSecurity supports and runs on the most common virtualization technologies in use, namely VMware, Microsoft Virtual Server and Microsoft Hyper-V.

Other Features:

  • Full scanning of internal emails
  • Automatic quarantining of Microsoft Office documents with macros
  • Detects attachment extension hiding and renaming
  • User-based, flexible rules configuration
  • Scans embedded emails
  • Lexical analysis

You're in Great Company...
Thousands of companies have chosen GFI MailSecurity.


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Learn about GFI MailSecurity, the leading Email Security with up to 5 Virus Scanners.

Awards & Reviews


MSExchangeGuru logo

GFI MailSecurity – Review of a mature product for Microsoft Exchange

"A Mature product and a must have for all organization's running MS Exchange. GFI MailSecurity is a solid product, well positioned to provide content scanning and anti-malware protection for email, with an easy to use administrative interface and low overhead. It offers good reporting out of the box, and with the optional reporting pack, it can provide any type of information management could desire." -, December 2010

Review Board Magazine Logo

GFI MailEssentials and GFI MailSecurity Review - Excellent installation, integration and customer support

"These products are well worth looking at for protection of your email infrastructure. It's not too often a tool meets ALL my requirements, well done." - Reviewboard Magazine, June 2010



GFI MailSecurity: strong antivirus features

GFI MailSecurity 10 is given 4 stars in a review in SC Magazine. The reviewer says the product has strong antivirus features and integrates with common mail servers.
- SC Magazine, 2009

2007 and before


An email firewall worth having

In a comprehensive review on, Dan DiNicolo highly recommends GFI MailSecurityTM: "While many products claim to be able to protect your email servers, I still haven't seen anything as comprehensive and as easy to use as GFI MailSecurity for Exchange/SMTP. Think of how much time and money your company spent over the last two years battling various viruses, worms, and malicious content. Then think about how much easier your life would have been if you had software that was automatically quarantining any virus-infected or potentially malicious files before they ever reached your users. With pricing starting at $295, the time and energy saved by GFI MailSecurity will certainly pay for itself many times over." -


GFI MailSecurity wins Best in Test

In an article for NÃ?tverk & Kommunikation (Sweden), reviewer Henrik Elmsjo awarded GFI MailSecurityTM the "Best in Test" out of the products tested, including Sophos MailMonitor, McAfee GroupShield and Symantec AntiVirus. In his search for "the best antivirus for your Exchange Server", the reviewer stated, "It is hard to find anything wrong with GFI MailSecurity". He added: "We picked GFI MailSecurity as the winner because of its ease of installation, its easily understood administrative interface, its multiple antivirus motors; and for its multitude of extra features and its capability of locating destrutive code despite the fact that no signatures had yet been downloaded." The reviewer also noted that it was the cheapest solution out of the ones tested. - NÃ?tverk & Kommunikation, issue 18


Keeping 'scary' emails away

Let's Talk Computers, one of the longest running US radio computer talk shows, featured GFI in an interview about email security and how GFI MailSecurityTM can help achieve this. Hosts Alan Ashendorf and Sandra Ashendorf interviewed GFI Software USA president, Thomas C. Kucmierz and Technical Support Manager for US Sales Office, Chris Zuiderhof. They discussed the need for multiple virus engines; the dangers of macros, embedded code and viruses that do not require user intervention to be executed; the ease with which viruses and their variants are created and how to deal with this; heuristic scanning to block trojans and executables; content checking; gateway level protection; and more. Check out the full interview! - Let's Talk Computers

Generic Award

A product with "true heuristic engines"

In a review of emails security products for PC Magazine, security expert Larry J. Seltzer awarded GFI MailSecurityTM the highest score out of all the products tested. He was impressed with the "series of true heuristic engines" that offer "extensive capabilities", and the number of configuration options that the program provides. Moreover, GFI MailSecurity topped the virus detection chart, being the only product to block every virus that the testers "threw at it, right out of the box." Seltzer also suggests that "administrators looking to protect an entire network would do well with GFI MailSecurity" which "protects all users on a server". Read the full review (PDF format) - PC Magazine


All-in-one solution against viruses, trojans and exploits

In a review for the Italian magazine Login, Andrea Pompili describes GFI MailSecurityTM as an “all-in-one” solution against email threats which is simple, easy to use and produces immediate results. The reviewer highlighted that the product offers very good value for money, especially considering the amount of protection it offers. He also noted that the manual is very well documented, detailed and very easy to follow, making the installation process simple. - Login


Top rating for GFI MailSecurity, a leading software distribution website featuring quality shareware and freeware titles, awarded GFI MailSecurityTM the topmost score of five stars. The award was granted as a result of the product's advanced email content security features. -


Best return on investment

In a review for Technology & Business, Matt Tett from RMIT IT Test Labs was impressed by the “straightforward installation” of GFI MailSecurityTM. The reviewer also highlighted the product's “very comprehensive set of tools” that are “set out in a very logical manner allowing the administrator direct access to all the features in the package.” In the review, GFI MailSecurity achieved the highest rating in the interoperability category since it supports all versions of Exchange. The reviewer also found GFI MailSecurity to give the best return on investment (ROI) among the products reviewed, especially in the unlimited user version “where it can work out to less than A$7 per mailbox, plus subscription”. - Technology & Business


High score for GFI MailSecurity, one of the most comprehensive and trusted sources of information on the web for Internet security, has awarded GFI MailSecurityTM for Exchange/SMTP 4.5 points out of 5. GFI MailSecurity for Exchange/SMTP also placed among the top 5, in the site's top 10 antivirus software for 2004. The inclusion of multiple scanning engines and its unique Trojan & Executable Scanner earned the product a top spot. -


A brilliant solution

In a review conducted by Computerworld, GFI MailSecurityTM for Exchange/SMTP was named "Excellent" and came first among the email content security products reviewed. Reviewers were impressed at how easily GFI MailSecurity integrates with Exchange Server, and noted that it was the only product that could be deployed both at the gateway and on the server. The article also referred to the product's use of multiple virus engines, remarking that this provides excellent security. GFI MailSecurity was also found to have the lowest cost, compared to the other products reviewed. Computerworld's final verdict was: “GFI MailSecurity is a brilliant solution.” - Computerworld (Cz)


5-star review for GFI MailSecurity

In an article for Romania's leading computer magazine, Chip, reviewer Vladimir Ciolan highlighted the main features and characteristics of GFI MailSecurityTM for Exchange/SMTP, and awarded it the top 5-star rating. - Chip (Ro)


GFI MailSecurity named TECHXNY 2003 Best of Show finalist

GFI MailSecurityTM for Exchange/SMTP 8 was a finalist in the TECHXNY Best of Show Awards 2003. GFI MailSecurity was first runner-up in the Best Security Product category, which was presented by Network Computing. - TECHXNY


GFI MailSecurity awarded, a leading shareware and freeware software download library, awarded GFI MailSecurityTM for Exchange/SMTP the topmost score of five stars. -


Top rating for GFI MailSecurity, a leading software distribution website, has awarded GFI MailSecurityTM for Exchange/SMTP the top score of five stars. The high rating was awarded on the basis of the product's ability to "remove all types of email-borne threats" before they can affect email users. -


Top spot for GFI MailSecurity

In a review of email security products in ARNnet, Dan Morton says GFI MailSecurityTM is a "great, dual-purpose package" and he "was very pleased with the high level of security offered by GFI MailSecurity". Overall, he says that GFI MailSecurity's inclusion of multiple scanning engines and the ability to act as either a server-side or gateway solution, "are what earned GFI MailSecurity the top spot" in his comparative review of similar products. -


Earns top spot in review of email security solutions

InfoWorld reviewer Dan Morton has selected GFI MailSecurityTM for Exchange/SMTP as the best email scanner out of the six solutions he tested, including products by Gordano, Network Associates, Sophos, Symantec, and Trend Micro. GFI MailSecurity got a 'Very Good' rating and was awarded the top score of 8.3 points for its performance. "The differences in score reflect the extra features and overall maturity of some products," wrote the reviewer. "The inclusion of multiple scanning engines and the ability to act as either a server-side or gateway solution, however, are what earned GFI MailSecurity the top spot." Read the full review (PDF format) - InfoWorld


GFI MailSecurity awarded 5 stars

The UK's leading shareware and freeware software download library,, awarded GFI MailSecurityTM for Exchange/SMTP the highest possible rating of five stars. -


5 stars for GFI MailSecurity

GFI MailSecurityTM for Exchange/SMTP was awarded the top five star rating by, the resource center for top rated shareware and freeware. -


Top rating for GFI MailSecurity, the popular site for Internet and system tools, has awarded GFI MailSecurityTM for Exchange/SMTP five stars, the highest rating possible. -

MS Editors Choice

GFI MailSecurity named Editors' Choice 2002

MCP Magazine reviewer David W. Tschanz selected the GFI MailEssentialsTM & GFI MailSecurityTM Suite as the winner of the publication's Editor's Choice award 2002 in the Exchange Antivirus category. Read the full review (PDF format) - Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine


An innovative security solution

In an article on effective protection from computer viruses, the German financial newspaper Handelsblatt highlighted the importance of blocking email attacks. Stressing that preventive measures on the network level are as important as protection on desktop level, the newspaper presented GFI MailSecurityTM for Exchange as an innovative security solution. - Handelsblatt


Perfect performance

Virus Bulletin technical consultant Matt Ham put GFI MailSecurity through its paces and reported that "within the limits of the tests performed, GFI MailSecurityTM performed perfectly". He found the product documentation to be "of good quality" and concluded his extensive product review by predicting that GFI MailSecurity's exploit checking function "might be a good forewarning of what is to come". - Virus Bulletin


"Cool" defense tool against email threats

In a write-up for New Order, the resource for security admins, reviewer nitrate2k says of GFI MailSecurityTM, "this little package is damn cool... Security software is never supposed to be this easy to install. It is normal to spend hours getting the right configuration, until you are sure that it is exactly what you need. But when I began the installation, it was completed within 5 minutes." He was also impressed by GFI MailSecurity's ability to deliver email security as promised: "I found GFI MailSecurity to be a useful defense tool against exactly what they say - viruses, exploits, and threats... I recommend giving it a try." - New Order


Killing viruses at server level

InfoWorld's Test Center Report recommends that: "Viruses should be killed before they ever get to the desktop with tools such as GFI MailSecurityTM, which performs content monitoring and protects Exchange and SMTP email against viruses, malicious code, and worms at the server level." - InfoWorld

NetworkWorld Logo

Security beyond the firewall

An article written for NetworkWorld by the independent testing lab, Miercom - entitled "Looking for security beyond firewalls" - reports that GFI MailSecurityTM for Exchange/SMTP detected all the viruses thrown at it during testing, including a legacy virus and its variant, which some other products failed to block. The article describes how GFI MailSecurity was one of the few products tested by the labs to support more than one antivirus scanning engine, "offering the ability to multiply the user's chance of catching viruses on one engine that could be missed on another". - NetworkWorld


GFI MailSecurity awarded ICSA certification

GFI MailSecurityTM has been awarded antivirus certification from ICSA Labs. The certification provides independent confirmation that the email security product protects networks against email viruses. - ICSA Labs


A complete email security solution

In a write-up for the Italian security site,, reviewer Maurizio Cutolo describes how GFI MailSecurityTM for Exchange/SMTP offers additional features "that a simple antivirus does not offer", features that he describes as being essential to provide a complete email security solution. The reviewer continues by illustrating some of the features which define and differentiate GFI MailSecurity from the pack. He describes how "content checking enables the configuration of rules to block specific types of mail", how the "quarantine options put aside mail considered to be harmful", and how the email exploit engine "enables the analysis and elimination of email having malicious content". He concluded that GFI MailSecurity adds important and vital functionality to corporate IT security. -


GFI MailSecurity for Exchange/SMTP named Editor's Choice

SoftLandmark, one of India's top download sites, has awarded GFI MailSecurityTM for Exchange/SMTP five stars and named it Editor's Pick. - SoftLandmark


GFI MailSecurity awarded Checkmark

GFI MailSecurityTM has been awarded Antivirus Checkmark Level 1 certification from West Coast Labs. The certification ensures that GFI MailSecurity meets the Checkmark program's rigorous standards for detecting in-the-wild viruses. - West Coast Labs


'It's like having more than one guard at the gate'

Security News Portal was impressed with GFI MailSecurityTM's multi-layered approach to email security: "Basically this is a cool concept: it is like placing three or four different guards at your front email gate... if one guard doesn't catch something, then maybe the next guard or the guard after that will catch it." -

Best of Show

GFI MailSecurity named Microsoft Tech Ed 2002 Best of Show finalist

GFI MailSecurityTM is a finalist for the Tech Ed Best of Show Awards conducted by SQL Server Magazine and Windows & .NET Magazine. - Windows & .NET Magazine


An 'ideal' add-on product for Exchange Server

Reviewing GFI MailSecurityTM on, technical writer Will Schmied described the product as providing "an ideal amount of functionality". He praised GFI MailSecurity for its "robust virus scanning features", the way it "effectively scans and isolates unwanted or potentially harmful attachments at the gateway to the enterprise" and its "easy-to- use interface". He concluded: "The licensing prices are quite reasonable, and... it's well worth the additional money above what you've already got invested in your Windows 2000 set-up." -


GFI MailSecurity "gobbles" all threats to your email security

MCP Magazine's verdict on GFI MailSecurityTM for Exchange 2000 is: "It does perfectly what it was designed to do - identify, hunt and kill anything that looks like a threat to email security with the quiet relentlessness and thoroughness of white blood cells gobbling an intruder in your bloodstream." The publication described GFI MailSecurity as offering "completeness and ease of operation" as well as being transparent to the user and requiring "no training for users and little, if any, additional administration beyond the initial set-up". MCP Magazine added that: "Its antivirus engine scans all inbound and outbound mail both internally and inter-company and can quarantine or remove suspicious attachments. It can also be configured to remove scripting code in the body of a message. This can present a problem for forms included in newsletters, for example, but that's a small price to pay for security. The nice thing about this feature is that it's not dependent on keeping a virus list up to date; it detects and removes scripts regardless." -


GFI MailSecurity (when formerly known as Mail essentials) "worth going for"

PC Pro reviewer Jon Honeyball "unequivocally" recommends the use of GFI MailSecurityTM, describing it as a "workable, stable and straightforward product". - PC Pro

SC Pick 2001

GFI MailSecurity (when formerly known as Mail essentials) awarded Pick of 2001

After thoroughly researching the product, Secure Computing Magazine named GFI MailSecurityTM (when formerly known as Mail essentials) for Exchange 2000 pick of the year. The magazine highlighted the product's seamless integration with Microsoft Exchange Server 2000 and its ability to intercept all inbound and outbound email and to scan internal mail, making it "totally transparent to users". - Secure Computing Magazine


4.5 out of 5 for GFI MailSecurity

In a review on, MVP Shaji Firoz takes GFI MailSecurityTM through its paces and finds he prefers the product because of its ease of use. He said the installation, configuration & administration are straightforward. The product also requires little maintenance and offers multiple layers of defense. Other benefits include “remote management using Web based console” and the fact that “GFI MailSecurity is affordable in the market and maintaining the subscription cost is relatively low”. Concluding he said: “Honestly, I don't see any cons in terms of features and performance.” -


5 out of 5 for GFI MailEssentials

In a review on, MVP Nicolas Blank gives GFI MailEssentialsTM 5 out of 5 and describes the software as a “solid product, which lives up to the marketing claims made by GFI”. He says the installation and use is straight forward and easy and that GFI MailEssentials “works and works well”. Blank says there are other features “however message retrieval and SPAM handling is where this product really shines”. Finally, he recommends the product for use in Exchange or generic SMTP mail based environments. -


Ten layers of security

In a review of mail utilities, popular download site described GFI's MailSecurityTM for Exchange/SMTP as the “the leading email security solution available on the market today” and with its multiple virus scanning engine capabilities, “the only solution to offer ten layers of email security, for maximum protection… This unique feature drastically reduces the average time to obtain virus signatures which combat the latest threats, and therefore greatly reduces the chances of an infection.” -


New and improved email security solution

In an article for Windows IT Pro, Blake Eno praises GFI MailSecurity version 10 for the addition of the new antivirus engine AVG Antivirus, and described the product as “a comprehensive email security solution”. - Windows IT Pro


SC Awards 2006 finalist

GFI MailSecurityTM for Exchange/SMTP was named as one of the finalists in the SC Awards 2006. It has been short-listed in the category of Best Email Content Filtering in the Reader Trust Awards. - SC Magazine


GFI named 'preferred security provider'

In an article for, news writer Charlie Russo reported that Bradley J. Dinerman, president of the New England Information Security Group named GFI his preferred vendor for IT security software thanks to its products GFI MailEssentialsTM and GFI MailSecurityTM. The article explained how security has now become an issue for SMBs “because of pressure to comply with government regulations intended for larger companies, like the Sarbanes-Oxley Act”. The article advises SMBs that when planning a security purchase it is important to “consider how the new product will mesh with existing systems, and how much time and effort it will take to run everything as a whole”. -


Hawker Pacific grounds email-borne threats with GFI filtering system

ComputerWorld featured an interview with Robert Burns, Manager of Information Systems at Hawker Pacific, one of Australasia's largest commercial aviation companies, detailing how the company overcame its problem with spam after installing GFI MailEssentials and GFI MailSecurityTM. Mr. Burns said he was "monumentally impressed" with the products which he found "easy to implement and quick". The company chose "GFI MailEssentials for spam filtering, and GFI MailSecurity for filtering email-borne viruses, worms, and trojans." The magazine reported that he is now "totally satisfied; spam is down to about one percent of traffic and is fully contained." Read the full review! - ComputerWorld


GFI MailSecurity continues to meet Checkmark standards

GFI MailSecurityTM has been awarded Antivirus Checkmark Level 1 certification from West Coast Labs. The certification ensures that GFI MailSecurity meets the Checkmark program's rigorous standards which are continuously being developed to ensure that they are an accurate reflection of real-world situations and changing technology advances. - West Coast Labs


Top spot for GFI MailSecurity

In a review of email security products in ARNnet, Dan Morton says GFI MailSecurityTM is a “great, dual-purpose package” and he “was very pleased with the high level of security offered by GFI MailSecurity”. Overall, he says that GFI MailSecurity's inclusion of multiple scanning engines and the ability to act as either a server-side or gateway solution, “are what earned GFI MailSecurity the top spot” in his comparative review of similar products. -


GFI MailSecurityTM (when formerly known as Mail essentials) for Exchange awarded 5 stars!

Secure Computing Magazine, a global leader in information security knowledge, rated GFI MailSecurityTM (when formerly known as Mail essentials) for Exchange 2000 as a top product and awarded it the highest score of 5 stars. - Secure Computing Magazine


GFI MailSecurity (when formerly known as Mail essentials) awarded InternetWorks Gold Award

InternetWorks has awarded GFI MailSecurityTM the Gold Award, describing it as being "well-written [and having] excellent features". Reviewer Rob Fenwick wrote, "Overall, it's a well-presented and flexible tool that we recommend to any Exchange administrator who want to cut down on their network admin". Read the full review (PDF format) - Internet Works


GFI MailSecurity (when formerly known as Mail essentials) wins Best New Technology Awards competition

GFI MailSecurityTM (when formerly known as Mail essentials) for Exchange 2000 was named Security Awards finalist in the 2001 Government Computer News Best New Technology Awards competition. - Government Computer News


Product of the Year 2000

GFI MailSecurityTM (when formerly known as Mail essentials) for Exchange 2000 has won the prestigious Communications Solutions Magazine 'Product of the Year'. - Communications Solutions Magazine

SC Pick 2000

Pick of the Year 2000

Secure Computing Magazine named MailSecurityTM (formerly Mail essentials for Exchange/SMTP) as the Pick of 2000 -Secure Computing Magazine


Combating 'stealth worms' like the Love Bug

GFI made the front page of IT Week, which quoted GFI CEO Nick Galea concerning the worry of hackers using a virus in a targeted rather than mass market manner, to break into an organization's database in an unobtrusive way. The leading article in the Enterprise Week section of the same edition highlighted the issue further and underlined the need for an email firewall. - IT Week


Five-star review for GFI MailSecurity (when formerly known as Mail essentials)

SC Magazine awarded GFI MailSecurityTM (when formerly known as Mail essentials) 3.0 five stars for ease of use, performance, documentation, support, and value for money. In a review of GFI MailSecurity, SC Magazine was highly impressed by the product. - SC Magazine


GFI MailSecurity (when formerly known as mail Essentials) for Exchange/SMTP wins Best of '99 Award

Computer Journal gave GFI MailSecurityTM (when formerly known as Mail essentials) the Best of '99 Award for the product's extraordinary performance and excellent features. - Computer Journal


Effective email protection against unsolicited, inappropriate and proprietary content

"GFI MailSecurityTM (when formerly known as Mail essentials) is a cost-effective way to enforce a corporate email policy... Capable of being administered locally or remotely via the Exchange administrator, GFI MailSecurity allows content checking for specific users by integrating with the Exchange directory... GFI MailSecurity includes several tools for protecting the company's investment in email and proprietary information... The auto-reply feature is a nice touch... GFI MailSecurity provides a cost-effective compilation of tools to help manage and protect company email." View PDF. - InfoWorld


Easy to use

GFI MailSecurityTM (when formerly known as Mail essentials) is an "easy-to-use tool for managing incoming and outgoing email, including virus scanning", wrote PC Plus, awarding the product 8 out of 10. - PC Plus Magazine


Protection from email viruses

"GFI MailSecurityTM (when formerly known as Mail essentials) is a useful tool that helps companies ensure appropriate communications over the Internet, preserving a positive corporate image while protecting internal systems from email viruses... This solution is more affordable than competitors' products, such as Integralis' Mimesweeper, Worldtalk's WorldSecure, and Elron Software's Message Inspector... Administrators will find this product easy to configure and use. GFI MailSecurity has the potential to fit well into any size organization to protect email invasion, monitor content, and reduce bandwidth." - InfoWorld


"Essentially good protection"

"GFI MailSecurityTM (when formerly known as Mail essentials) detects the body text of the Explore Worm virus in email messages and deletes the harmful message before it can reach the mail server". - Windows NT Magazine