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Network Security Scanning and Patch Management

SC Magazine ReviewGFI LANguard TM is an award-winning network security scanner and patch management solution used by thousands of customers. GFI LANguard provides a complete network security overview with minimal administrative effort.

Your own 'Virtual Security Consultant'

Easy to set up and use, GFI LANguard acts as a virtual consultant to give you a complete picture of your network set-up, provide risk analysis and help you to maintain a secure and compliant network state faster and more effectively. GFI LANguard assists you in these key areas:

- Patch management
- Vulnerability management
- Network and software auditing
- Assets inventory
- Change management
- Risk analysis and compliance

Patch Management

Certified for Windows 7Network security breaches often arise as a result of missing security patches. GFI LANguard helps eliminate this risk by providing on-demand or fully automated detection, downloading and deployment of missing patches. GFI LANguard helps you fix vulnerabilities before they are exploited and reduces the time required to patch machines on your network.

Patch Microsoft operating systems and applications
Windows 2008GFI LANguard enables administrators to manage Microsoft patches and service packs for all languages supported by Microsoft.  It also provides features like patch rollback and uses an existing WSUS patch repository.

Patch non-Microsoft applications
GFI LANguard also offers patch management support for non-Microsoft software, enabling administrators to detect, CVE and OVAL Compatibilitydownload and deploy missing patches for supported applications in the same way as is done for Microsoft updates. GFI LANguard offers patch management support for many popular applications like Apple QuickTime,  Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Reader, Mozilla Firefox, Java Runtime and others .

Deploy custom software and scripts
Besides providing automatic patch management, GFI LANguard permits the network-wide deployment of any custom software and scripts that can run silently.

Spotlight on GFI LANguard - Network Security Scanning and Patch Management

Discover how GFI LANguard provides a complete network security overview with minimal administrative effort, assisting you with patch management, vulnerability scanning, risk analysis and more.

Vulnerability Management

GFI LANguard performs over 15,000 checks on your operating system, virtual environments and installed applications using vulnerability check databases such as OVAL and SANS Top 20. GFI LANguard allows you to analyze the state of your network security, what the risks are, how exposed your network is and how to take action before it is compromised.

Network and Software Auditing

GFI LANguard's network auditing functionality gives you a detailed analysis of what is happening on your network which applications or default configurations are posing a security risk. With GFI LANguard, you get a complete picture of what applications are installed, the hardware on your network, the state of security applications (AV, anti-spam, firewalls, etc.), what ports are open, any existing shares and services running on your machines.

Assets Inventory

GFI LANguard allows you to create an assets inventory of every device on your network; be they servers and workstations, virtual machines or IP-based hardware such as routers, printers, switches and so on. Asset inventories help you identify devices attached to your network that you were unaware of or had forgotten and these, unless properly patched and secure, could become entry points for hackers and malware.

Change Management

The best way to maintain a secure network over time is to know exactly what’s happening on your network. Changes to configurations that could have security implications, new applications that are installed, services that are started/stopped are all events that an administrator needs to know about. GFI LANguard gives you a complete history of network changes that are relevant to the security of your network and sends notifications when these occur.

Risk Analysis and Compliance

GFI LANguard makes it easier for the administrator to know what needs to be fixed with urgency. Security issues are rated by their severity level and each computer is given a risk and vulnerability rating so that you know where the main problems on your network are. GFI LANguard provides numerous executive, technical and statistical reports that help you to understand what is happening on the network, to prioritize remediation operations efficiently and to prove, if required, that the network is secure.

Why use GFI LANguard?

  • LANguard Freeware overview buttonAutomated patching for Microsoft and other application software
  • Deployment of custom software and scripts
  • Over 15,000 vulnerability assessments carried out across your network, including virtual environment
  • Reduces the total cost of ownership by centralizing vulnerability scanning,Patch Management and Network Auditing
  • Can assist with PCI DSS compliance.



Freeware Version Available

We Care logo smlGFI offers a freeware version of GFI LANguardTM for non-commercial use. The freeware version allows you to scan up to five IPs for free using the product’s full feature set, with the exception of patch management for non Microsoft applications, which is only available in the commercial version.

Patch Management and Remediation Across Different Microsoft OSs and Products
GFI LANguard performs a scan of your network and gives you all the functionality and tools you need to effectively install and Manage Patches on all machines across different Microsoft operating systems and products in 38 languages.

GFI LANguard also allows auto-downloads of missing patches as well as patch roll-back and custom software can be deployed, resulting in a consistently configured environment that is secure against vulnerabilities.

Patch Management for Non-Microsoft Software
Browser PatchingGFI LANguard also offers patch management support for non-Microsoft software, enabling administrators to detect, download and deploy missing patches for supported applications in the same way as is done for Microsoft updates. GFI LANguard offers patch management support for many popular applications like Apple Quicktime, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Reader, Adobe Shockwave Player, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird, Java Runtime and others.

With GFI LANguard, it is possible not just to patch third party applications, but also to upgrade to their latest versions (i.e. if an old version of Adobe Flash is detected, GFI LANguard will provide an option to either upgrade to the latest version or to apply all patches for that version).

GFI LANguard is the first solution that automates patching for all major web browsers running on Windows systems: Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Opera Browser.

Automatically Deploy Network-wide Patch and Service Pack Management
With GFI LANguard you can easily deploy missing service packs and patches network-wide. GFI LANguard is the ideal tool to ensure that Microsoft WSUS is working properly and it performs tasks WSUS does not, such as patching third party applications and deploying custom software patches. GFI LANguard also provides you with new features such as patch auto-download and patch rollback. It is also Unicode compliant and able to support patch management in all languages supported by Microsoft. The network administrator has the option to either manually approve each patch or set all Microsoft updates as approved. If patches are approved manually the network administrator can choose to receive email notifications when new Microsoft updates are available.

Automatic Remediation of Unauthorized Applications
Remediation operations can be triggered automatically at the end of scheduled scans. Apart from reporting on all installed applications, GFI LANguard allows the user to define which applications are authorized or not authorized to be installed on the network. This list of applications can be easily defined for each scanning profile using the Applications Inventory Tool. During a scan, any unauthorized applications are identified and (optionally) uninstalled automatically by GFI LANguard. An integrated Auto-Uninstall Validation tool is provided to help identify which of the detected applications support silent uninstall and can thus be safely and automatically uninstalled.

Remote Desktop Connection
GFI LANguard allows the useful option of a remote desktop connection to fix security issues on scanned computers that cannot be fixed automatically.

Deploys Custom and Third Party Software and Patches Network-wide
Besides Deploying Patches and Service Packs, GFI LANguard enables you to easily deploy third party software or patches network-wide. You can use this feature to deploy client software, update custom or non-Microsoft software, virus updates and more; practically any application that can run silently can be pushed in the network using GFI LANguard. This custom software deployment feature means you can do without Microsoft SMS, which is complex and too expensive for small to medium-sized networks.

Vulnerability Scanning

During security audits, over 15,000 vulnerability assessments are made - scanning the network IP by IP. GFI LANguard gives you the capability to perform multi-platform scans (Windows, Mac OS, Linux) across all environments - including Virtual Machines and to analyze your network’s security set-up and status. GFI LANguard gives you the power to identify and correct any threats before hackers can exploit them.

Set up your own Custom Vulnerability Checks
GFI LANguard allows you to easily create custom vulnerability checks through simple wizard-assisted set-up screens. The wizard is powerful enough to allow building of complex vulnerability checks and the scripting engine is compatible with Python and VBScript. GFI LANguard includes a script editor and debugger to help with script development.

Extensive, Industrial Strength Vulnerabilities Database
GFI LANguard ships with a complete and thorough vulnerability assessment database, including standards such as OVAL (2,000+ checks) and SANS Top 20. This database is regularly updated with information from BugTraq, SANS Corporation, OVAL, CVE and others. Through its auto-update system, GFI LANguard is always kept up-to-date with information about newly released Microsoft security updates as well as new vulnerability checks issued by GFI Software and other community-based information repositories such as the OVAL database.

Identify Security Vulnerabilities and Take Remedial Action
GFI LANguard scans computers, identifies and categorizes security vulnerabilities, recommends a course of action and provides tools that enable you to solve the problem. GFI LANguard comes with a graphic threat level indicator that provides an intuitive, weighted assessment of the vulnerability status of a scanned computer or group of computers. Wherever possible, a web link or more information on a particular security issue is provided - such as a BugTraq ID or a Microsoft Knowledge Base article ID.

Ensures Third Party Security Applications (Antivirus and Anti-Spyware) Offer Optimum Protection
GFI LANguard ensures that supported security applications such as antivirus and anti-spyware software are updated with the latest definition files and are functioning correctly. For example, you can check to be certain that supported security applications have all key features (such as real-time scanning) enabled.

Easily Creates Different Types of Scans and Vulnerability Tests
You can easily configure scans for different types of information, such as open shares on workstations, security audit and password policies, and machines missing a particular patch or service pack. You can scan for different types of vulnerability to identify potential security issues. These include:

  • Open ports: GFI LANguard scans for unnecessary open ports and checks that no port hijacking is in force
  • Unused local users and groups: GFI LANguard removes or disables User Accounts which are no longer in use
  • Blacklisted applications: With GFI LANguard, you can identify unauthorized or dangerous software and add to blacklists of applications you want to associate with a high security vulnerability alert
  • Dangerous USB devices, wireless nodes and links: GFI LANguard scans all devices connected to USB or wireless links and alerts you of any suspicious activity

And much more!

Easily Analyze and Filter Scan Results
GFI LANguard enables you to easily analyze and filter scan results by clicking on one of the default filter nodes. This enables you to identify, for example, machines with high security vulnerabilities or machines that are missing a particular service pack. Custom filters can also very easily be created from scratch or customized from and existing script. Also, you can export scan results data to XML.

Network and Software Auditing

GFI LANguard's Network Auditing gives you a comprehensive view of your network - what USB devices are connected, what software is installed, any open shares, open ports and weak passwords in use, and hardware information. The solution's in-depth reports give you an important and real-time snapshot of your network's status. Scan results can be easily analyzed using filters and reports, enabling you to proactively secure the network by closing ports, deleting users or groups which are no longer in use, or disabling wireless access points.

Hardware Auditing
GFI LANguard shows detailed information about the hardware configuration of all the scanned machines on your network. All devices from the Device Manager tool from Windows operating systems are retrieved, including motherboard, processors, memory, storage devices, display adapters and much more. Using baseline comparisons you can now check whether any hardware was added or removed since the last scan.

Automatically Receive Alerts of New Security Holes
GFI LANguard can perform routine scheduled scans and can automatically compare results to previous scans. Any new security holes or security set-up changes discovered on your network are emailed to you for analysis. This enables you to quickly identify newly-created shares, installed services, installed applications, added users, newly-opened ports and more. GFI LANguard will generate specific reports and email notification whenever there are software or hardware changes detected within the audited network. Our reports also show what remediation operations were performed.

Check to Ensure Security Auditing is Enabled Network-wide
GFI LANguard checks if each NT/2000/XP/2003/VISTA/2008/2008 R2/7 machine has security auditing enabled. If not, GFI LANguard alerts you and allows you to enable auditing remotely. Security event auditing is highly recommended as it detects intruders in real time.

Scan and Retrieve OS data from Linux Systems
It is possible to remotely extract OS data from Linux-based systems and scan results are presented in the same way as for Windows-based computers. This means that both Linux and Windows-based computers can be analyzed in a single scanning session! GFI LANguard includes numerous Linux security checks including rootkit detection. GFI LANguard can use SSH Private Key files instead of the conventional password string credentials to authenticate to Linux-based target computers.

Additional Features

The GFI LANguard dashboard shows summarized results of all scans from the database and provides an overview of the most vulnerable computers and security status trends of the network.

Multiply the Value of GFI LANguard with Powerful Reporting
Reports are designed to satisfy the requirements of both management and technical staff. GFI LANguard delivers a graphical snapshot of the security status of your network. From trend reports for management (ROI) to daily drill-down reports for technical staff, GFI LANguard provides you with the easy-to-view information you need to fully keep on top of your network’s security environment. Executive reports are now available directly from within GFI LANguard.

Helps You Comply with PCI DSS and Other Regulations
All businesses handling cardholder data, regardless of size, have to be fully compliant with strict security standards drawn up by the world’s major credit card companies. GFI LANguard provides complete vulnerability management coupled with an extensive reporting ReportPack add-on. That makes GFI LANguard an essential, highly cost-effective solution for your organization to safeguard your network and gauge the effectiveness of your PCI compliance program.

Silent Installation Support
You can perform an unattended default installation of GFI LANguard on multiple computers in the background without any user interaction or intervention.

Predefine Authentication Details
GFI LANguard allows you to store separate authentication details for every target computer on your network, avoiding the need to specify authentication credentials prior to every scan. In a single scanning session, it is possible to audit all the targets in your network, even if they require different authentication details and/or methods.

Support for Virtual Environments
Organizations that use or plan to use virtualization on their network can install and use a range of GFI products with confidence. GFI LANguard supports and runs on the most common virtualization technologies in use, namely VMware, Microsoft Virtual Server and Microsoft Hyper-V. It also offers detection of virtual machines hosted by the scanned computer.

New! News Section
GFI LANguard features a news section an easy way to find out about product updates. This section informs you about any new patches that will be supported by GFI LANguard, any new applications that have become available for patch management, and any new vulnerabilities that have been added to the database.

GFI LANguard is also available in Italian and German.

Other Features:

  • Automatically checks the password policy for all machines on the network
  • Checks for programs that run automatically (potential trojans)
  • Finds out if the OS is advertising too much information
  • Performs simultaneous scans through the multithread scan engine
  • Provides NetBIOS hostname, currently logged username and MAC address
  • Provides a list of shares, users (detailed info), services, sessions, remote TOD (time of day) and registry information from remote computer (Windows)
  • SNMP device detection, SNMP Walk for inspecting network devices like routers, network printers and more
  • Offers alternative command line deployment tool
  • Identifies all installed Windows services
  • Supports Microsoft Windows7 and Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2

You're in Great Company...
Thousands of companies have chosen GFI LANguard.


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Awards & Reviews


SC Mag - Shortlisted

GFI LANguard shortlisted for SC Magazine's Europe Awards

GFI LANguard has been shortlisted for SC Magazine's Europe Awards - March 2010


SC Magazine promotes GFI LANguard to top of the class

The Vulnerability Management Group Test Review of LANGuard was published in the February issue of SC Magazine where is was found to have "Easy-to-use scanning and remediation tools"; received no comments against it and the final verdict was "A solid product with a lot of flexibility." GFI LANguard received 5 out of 5 stars in 6 of the 7 categories and 4 out of 5 in just 1 category. - SC Magazine, February 2011



GFI LANguard wins in network auditing category

GFI LANguard was selected as the winner in the network auditing category on, December 2010

Readers choice awards GOLD

GFI LANguard wins Gold in Readers Choice Awards 2010

GFI LANguard has been recognized in the September issue of Information Security magazine as winning Gold for Vulnerability Management - Information Security magazine, September 2010


GFI LANguard voted Readers' Choice Award Winner

GFI LANguard is selected as the winner in the Patch Management category of the Readers' Choice Awards - Windows Security, August 2010


GFI LANguard Security Scanner 9 'interesting and comprehensive'

"GFI LANguard is one of the most interesting and comprehensive security scanners for Windows-networks that we know. The product price is easily earned back when GFI LANguard prevents internet criminals to exploit vulnerabilities in your network and system security." - - tier 1, July 2010

Channel web logo

GFI LANguard receives positive review from ChannelWeb

"We can easily recommend this software for patch management, and believe the company's approach in providing a freeware version for very small businesses is a strong statement in the confidence in the quality of its technology." - ChannelWeb, April 2010


GFI LANguard awarded 5 stars

GFI LANguard was awarded 5 stars in a review by SC Magazine - SC Magazine, January 2010


WS Readers Choice Runner up

GFI LANguard voted Readers' Choice Award Winner First Runner-Up

GFI LANguard was selected first runner-up in the Network Auditing category of the Readers' Choice Awards -, December 2009

WS Readers Choice Runner up

GFI LANguard awarded in Security Scanner category by

GFI LANguard was selected first runner-up in the Security Scanner category of the Readers' Choice Awards -, October 2009

Security on Wheels Logo

Latest version of GFI LANguard worth considering

Kevin Beaver gives the latest version of GFI LANguard a try, having used the vulnerability scanning solution for years, and finds that the "quick-view dashboard is a nice improvement and I really like the scan progress" - Security on Wheels blog, October 2009


GFI LANguard 9: taking control of the web

The Italian segment of PC Pro reviews GFI LANguard 9 and finds it to be a strong contender at managing vulnerabilities and patch management. The software also comprises detailed reports for resolving any issues encountered. PC Pro award GFI LANguard an 8.5/10 - PC Professionale, July 2009


GFI MailArchiver: suitable for all company structures

Although GFI MailArchiver 6 is designed for the SMB, the solution offers extended features that make it suitable for all company structures and sizes. GFI MailArchiver offers an easy to use reporting system to present auditing information such as monitoring user activities to maintain integrity of the archive - Computerwoche, June 2009


GFI LANguard: invaluable tool for administrators

Help Net Security review GFI LANguard and ascertain that "the three crucial tasks of vulnerability management (vulnerability issues, patch management and network auditing) are addressed in one package, saving effort and time." - Help Net Security, August 2009


GFI LANguard 9: fully recommended

GFI LANguard addresses the issues of vulnerability management, patch management, and network auditing and comes up tops in all areas. "The scanning options are quite robust and the reporting and remediation interface couldn't be much better. I would fully recommend it for network management and auditing." - Chris Sanders, July 2009


GFI LANguard 9 - it's about people, technology and processes

"GFI LANguard 9 breaths a fresh air of new functionality and GUI design" say IT site, Best Security Tips. The new version of GFI LANguard introduced the Network Audit thus extending the product scope into the IT audit operations. It also offers new scanning profiles which provide valuable data as well as providing a very useful list of everyday network tools. "GFILANguard 9 offers reliable, high-performance security out-of-the box, adapts itself to business processes and security procedures in an environment easy to use by security engineers and managers alike." - Best Security Tips, May 2009


GFI LANguard: the option for SMBs

GFI LANguard is a network and security scanning tool that does what it says on the box in an intuitive and simple manner - "scan your network periodically and report the "security status" of each network node". It's pricing structure makes it the ideal solution for SMBs and organizations on a budget - hype-free, 2009


GFI LANguard 9: making an admin's life easier

GFI LANguard 9 is a very easy to deploy and use network security scanner and vulnerability management tool that "makes your life a LOT easier and makes it easier to manage patches and software across the Domain". It is particularly apt for "people more in the Sys Admin Network areas of the industry" - Darknet, July 2009


GFI LANguard: very competent scanner

GFI LANguard is given 5 stars in a review in SC Magazine. The reviewer says it is a solid vulnerability scanner with many pre-defined scanning profiles. It is also moderately priced for the functionality it offers.
-SC Magazine, May 2009


An essential network security tool

In a review on, GFI LANguard 9 is described as "an essential component of a network security consultant's toolbox and can also be helpful for SMBs". Reviewer Matthew Sarrel says GFI LANguard is a "true and tried" product and a highly accessible security tool. - March 2009


GFI LANguard does it again!

In a review on, GFI LANguardTM9 is given a 95% rating and said to have "finally come of age". The reviewer sums up the article by saying: “If you have an estate of Windows machines to secure and maintain then this is what you have been looking for. It does everything you might need and more, it’s easy to use and delivers real-world benefits. Once again, a solid 9.5 out of 10 for an excellent product”. -, January 2009


A must for network managers

In a review in the Belgian edition of PC Magazine, GFI LANguardTM is given 4 stars out of five and praised for its ease of installation and the low threshold required to get started. Concluding, the reviewer said that GFI LANguard 9 "is a must for every network manager". - PC Magazine, January 2009


Best proactive solution

GFI LANguardTM is described as one of the "best proactive software solutions that money can buy to prevent security problems and to perform network audits” in a review on The reviewer says the product helps to cut back on administrative overhead. "Managing several hundred computers can be expensive and time consuming." With GFI LANguard, these tasks are held to a minimum and well worth the cost. -, January 2009



GFI LANguard 9: easy installation, easy deployment

GFI Languard 9 is a network security scanner and vulnerability management solution that is easy to install and deploy and comes with an intuitive UI that scans your machine; apart from "showing you patch vulnerabilities, LANguard also checks for configuration issues" - John Croson's Blog Home, December 2008


Vulnerability management solution tops the Network Security Scanner category

GFI LANguardTM has been selected by readers as the first runner up in the Network Security Scanner category of the Readers’ Choice Awards. -, October 2008


Network Product Guide Award for GFI LANguard

GFI LANguardTM has been named the winner of the 2008 Best Products and Services Award in the vulnerability /remediation category by Network Products Guide, a Silicon Valley Communications publication on technologies and solutions. - NetworkProductsGuide, August 2008


A solid product

In a review in the US version of SC Magazine, GFI LANguardTM, a network vulnerability management solution, is given a 4 out of 5 rating. The reviewer says it is a solid product that provides deep scanning for vulnerabilities on the network. He added that there is a good amount of scanning and reporting capability in an easy to use interface but argues that the price may be on the high side for some businesses. - SC Magazine, August 2008


GFI LANguard enriches network security

In a review on, Peter Reidlberger describes GFI LANguardTM as an attractive tool that comes with an intuitive user interface suitable for both experienced and entry-level administrators. He praises the program’s patch management functionality and the ability to address vulnerabilities immediately. He concludes that GFI LANguard is a great tool to enhance the security of a company’s network. -, May 2008


Three useful tools

In a review in, a technology blog, the author review’s GFI LANguardTM, a vulnerability and network security solution. The blogger says he found the software to be a very useful tool for network and security administrators. He adds: “I liked the fact that it has all three useful tools i.e. network vulnerability scanning, patch management and auditing integrated into one. It’s also easy to use and manage.” -, February 2008

SecDB 2008

Best compliance scanner

GFI LANguardTM, a vulnerability management and network security solution, has won the ‘Best’ solution in the ‘compliance category’ in the 2007 IT Security Survey, organized by the website -, February 2008

2007 and before


Fast, accurate and comprehensive

In a review for New Order the computer security and networking portal, reviewer Alex, a.k.a. Cleanfloor describes why GFI LANguard N.S.S.TM "happens to be the most used Windows network scanner on the market". He describes GFI LANguard N.S.S. as a "comprehensive scanning and auditing toolset for small or large networks alike" and he lightheartedly remarks that "all its features and functions are able to be taken advantage of by even the most mediocre of systems administrators". The reviewer was impressed with the product’s scanning implementations and functions, but the "meat and potatoes" of GFI LANguard N.S.S. according to him, lies in its auditing for vulnerable services. To sum up, he finds GFI LANguard N.S.S. to be a "fast, accurate and comprehensive network security scanner". - New Order


One tool to find the weaknesses in all network computers

Writing for Redmond magazine (formerly MCP Magazine), reviewer David W. Tschanz compliments GFI for the vast improvements of GFI LANguard N.S.S.TM 5.0 over its previous version. Improvements mentioned include a new interface that "makes deploying patches much easier”; a tool that automatically downloads patches from Microsoft, allowing the selection of deployment parameters for each patch; and the "extensive set of vulnerability checks for Linux and UNIX machines, so you can find the weaknesses in all computers on your network". Dr. Tschanz also highlights the "well-constructed" installation wizard that completes installation in less than five minutes and the feature that allows grouping of “vulnerabilities into separate nodes”, allowing expansion of the desired information only. On a general note, the reviewer stated that, "installing GFI products has always been very straightforward", and that his "experience with GFI products has always been favourable". He also notes that GFI has a "reputation for staying on the forefront of the technology" - Redmond magazine


Security Product of the Year finalist

GFI LANguard Network Security ScannerTM has been shortlisted as one of five finalists in the Security Product of the Year category of the fiercely contested CNET Networks UK Technology Awards. - CNET


GFI LANguard N.S.S. wins Readers' Choice Award

SQL Server Magazine readers voted GFI LANguard Network Security ScannerTM as a winner in the Security Category in the SQL Server magazine Readers' Choice Awards. - SQL Server Magazine


A great network security tool

In his article about securing the PCs on a network, reviewer Erik Rodriguez awarded GFI LANguard N.S.S.TM 9.5 points out of 10. The reviewer noted that one of the great new features of version 5 is the "easy-to-use interface" allowing anyone with general computer experience to use the program. Another good feature according to the reviewer is that LANguard N.S.S. works on both Windows and *nix machines. The reviewer also commented on the product’s feasibility: "It's worth the price if you are running a small or large network". He also praised GFI as a company, stating: "GFI has their act together and makes great products. They are one of the software companies who has all-around great software." -


Works like a charm

In an article for, a site targeted towards network professionals, reviewers Chris Partsenidis and Sahir Hidayatullah described GFI LANguard N.S.S.TM as “a product that most administrators and network engineers would swear by." The reviewers were impressed by the product's efficiency, speed and stability, and its ability to perform its job both when working on the local or remote LAN. They also found its features to be very helpful: "you won't find many network scanners pointing you to web pages where you can find out all the information on discovered vulnerabilities, download the appropriate patches and apply them with a few simple clicks of a mouse!" The reviewers were pleased that when trying out the product on small and large networks, GFI LANguard N.S.S "worked like a charm” and didn’t create problems such as network congestions. -


“An excellent product”

GFI LANguard N.S.S.TM scored 4.7 out of 5 in the review "Taking patch management to the next level with GFI’s LANguard N.S.S." by Brien M. Posey. The reviewer states that the product "does an excellent job of detecting security vulnerabilities and of deploying patches". Moreover, the reviewer explains that GFI LANguard N.S.S. is "much more than a patch management product" because it "raises the bar by also scanning the network for other types of potential security vulnerabilities". He writes that all this is enhanced with: a user interface that he defines as “surprisingly simple” , "a very good collection of reports” and well organised information. - Relevant Technologies


Unique features

In an article for Lockergnome's IT Professionals, Diana Huggins highlighted GFI LANguard N.S.S.TM's unique features, describing the product as a "security scanner that will detect vulnerabilities on your network, scan all machines, determine which patches and service packs are missing, detect open shares" and more. - Lockergnome's IT Professionals


Best of TechEd 2004 Awards finalist

GFI LANguard Network Security ScannerTM has been selected as a finalist in the Security category of the Best of TechEd 2004 Awards conducted by Windows .NET Magazine and SQL Server Magazine. - Windows .NET Magazine


GFI LANguard N.S.S. awarded by its customers

GFI LANguard N.S.S.TM won the Fifth Annual W2KNews Target Awards, a "people's choice" award, in the Vulnerability Scanners category. The Target Awards are given to companies with top Windows NT/2000/2003 utilities through an online reader poll where most of the readers are system administrators who are familiar with all the available tools. - W2Knews


"A great package"

GFI LANguard N.S.S.TM obtained an overall good rating in a test by RMIT IT Test Labs that compared four patch management products. Reviewer Kire Terzievski comments that "this is a great package that does a bit more than just simple patching". The simplicity of querying the machine to check what patches need to be installed was also highlighted. The reviewer was impressed that although there was a lot of information displayed on the screen "it was laid out very well and didn't cause any major confusion" and added that "it's hard to think you could get confused using this software". The reviewer also added that, to complement all this, "this product was also the least expensive." - Technology & Business Magazine


An efficient and cost-effective choice

In a comparative review of popular vulnerability scanners, featured on Italian IT magazine PC Professionale, GFI LANguard Network Security ScannerTM is described as an efficient and cost-effective solution that make it an ideal choice for networks of any size. Describing the product's key features, reviewer Matthew D. Sarrel highlights the product's ability to scan the entire network, retrieving in-depth information about all machines and devices; identifying missing patches and service packs, and giving the option to deploy those service packs and patches network-wide. - PC Professionale


A good scanner for any security professionals' toolbox

In a review on the network security site, Help Net Security (HNS), GFI LANguard Network Security ScannerTM is described as a good scanner for any security professionals' toolbox due to its variety of features and its simple interface. Reviewer Mirko Zorz believes that "the possibility to customize almost everything" offered by GFI LANguard N.S.S is a great time-saver, making it a feature that he thinks many will appreciate. He also highlighted the product's many options including scanning, patch management, report generation , scripting and various other tools. The reviewer concludes by commenting that he really enjoyed the interface even though it's not "too modern and flashy": He feels that both its simplicity and accessibility makes it very easy to use when performing simultaneous operations, as often happens during a security testing. - Help Net Security


5-star rating

GFI LANguard Network Security Scanner™ was awarded five stars, the topmost score, by is a software distribution site featuring high quality applications. -


An essential tool

In a detailed article in the Italian IT magazine Login, reviewer Andrea Pompili describes GFI LANguard Network Security ScannerTM as an essential tool for those managing security within a network. His report describes GFI LANguard N.S.S. as a fundamental tool for network administrators who need an efficient product. The reviewer concludes that GFI LANgaurd N.S.S.’s features, versatility and economical pricing make it a much better choice than other such tools on the market. - Login


A powerful network security scanner

In a review on the network security site, GFI LANguard Network Security Scanner™ is described as a powerful tool which enables network administrators to fix security vulnerabilities before these may be exploited by hackers. Reviewer Danny Tsechansky is impressed by the effortless installation process, which he reports is completed within a few minutes. He also highlighted the product’s many options, which can be changed to fit particular needs, in the article, along with the other in-built tools which make GFI LANguard Network Security Scanner “much more than just a regular network scanner”. The reviewer concludes by highly recommending GFI LANguard Network Security Scanner: “I can truly say that GFI LANguard should be part of your Windows security arsenal. This is exactly what Windows-based network should have in order to keep it more secure.” -


Top score for LANguard N.S.S.

GFI LANguard Network Security Scanner™ was awarded the topmost five-star rating by, a site providing high quality shareware and freeware. -


Like a Swiss army knife

In his review of GFI LANguard Network Security Scanner™, J.M. Logan, Window TI Magazine's new technologies expert, compared the product to a Swiss army knife because of its immense usefulness and multi-functionality. The reviewer observed that GFI LANguard N.S.S. combines the functions of a port scanner with those of a security scanner and pointed out that, in combination with Microsoft SUS, it has an impressive price and features set. The reviewer highlighted how the product saves much time and effort thanks to its ability to deploy patches network-wide. - Windows ti magazine


High ranking for GFI LANguard N.S.S., one of the most comprehensive and trusted sources of information on the web for Internet security, has awarded GFI LANguard Network Security Scanner™ the top five-star rating. GFI LANguard N.S.S. also placed third in the site's popular top 20 internet security shareware and freeware list. -


Top pick

GFI LANguard Network Security Scanner™ was awarded the top five-point rating by, an online library featuring thousands of free and free-to-try software programs for Windows. review staff also chose GFI LANguard N.S.S. as a top software pick. -


Top rating for GFI LANguard N.S.S.

The topmost score of five stars was awarded to GFI LANguard N.S.S.™ by, the UK’s leading shareware and freeware software library. -


GFI LANguard N.S.S. awarded

GFI LANguard N.S.S.™ was awarded the top five star rating by, the resource center for top rated shareware and freeware. -


5-star rating for GFI LANguard N.S.S., the popular site for Internet and system tools, has awarded GFI LANguard N.S.S.™ five stars, the highest rating possible. -


The most popular commercial security tool

GFI LANguard Network Security Scanner™ has been voted the favorite commercial security tool and the 8th most popular tool overall in a survey of Nmap users to determine their preferred security tools. This May 2003 study lists the top 75 security tools and its author writes: "Anyone in the security field would be well advised to go over the list and investigate tools they are unfamiliar with. I discovered several powerful new tools this way," one of these being GFI LANguard N.S.S. -


Gold award for a "very powerful product"

GFI LANguard N.S.S™ was awarded a gold rating (top score of 5 stars) in a comparative review of patch management solutions conducted by William Henderson for The reviewer reported that GFI LANguard N.S.S. "is a very powerful product, combining top-notch security scanning with patch management, making the 2 tasks easier to perform. It’s also pretty inexpensive. $695 buys you an unlimited IP version. Almost too cheap really". -


Keeping OSs and applications up-to-date

Lockergnome's GNOMEreport newsletter highlighted GFI LANguard N.S.S.™ in its topmost news item. "Patches? We don't need no stinkin' patches! Unfortunately, this is not reality," ran the newsletter, adding: "Effective management of operating system updates is crucial to maintaining a happy herd of servers. Keeping track of the patch process and an unenviable job, which is where Microsoft's Software Update Services and GFI LANguard Network Security Scanner (N.S.S) come in. They work together to keep operating systems, as well as applications up-to-date." - GnomeREPORT


"A great product"

GFI LANguard Network Security Scanner™ is "a great product for Windows-centric environments and does a good job of helping to audit and maintain security in such environments," writes noted VARBusiness author Ed Tittel in a comparative review of what he named "the three top players" in the security-scanner software market. The reviewer wrote: "GFI LANguard N.S.S. offers good general and specific documentation, including installation guides and information on initial security audits, configuring scan options, and producing and analyzing scan results... N.S.S. supports 300 alerts, including missing OS service packs and patches; IP service alerts for FTP, DNS, e-mail and RPC; and registry findings." - VARBusiness



GFI LANguard Network Security Scanner™ is described as a valuable tool in the book, 'Special Ops: Host and network security for Microsoft, UNIX and Oracle'. In this comprehensive internal network security guide, lead author and technical editor Erik Pace Birkholz reports that the product "allows network administrators to quickly and easily perform network security audits by combining the functions of a port scanner and a security scanner". Noting that it "lends itself well to internal network security", the book adds that GFI LANguard N.S.S. "covers quite a bit more ground than HFNetChk, [although] it also has a different focus". - Erik Pace Birkholz, Special Ops, Syngress


An indispensable part of your Windows toolset

GFI LANguard Network Security Scanner™ “is one port scanner that should be part of your windows toolset” says New Order in a review of the product that focused on the security scanner’s vast set of “options that you can modify to fit your needs". New Order awarded GFI LANguard N.S.S. a score of 4 out of 5. - New Order


A great tool

TechRepublic recommends the latest version of GFI LANguard Network Security Scanner™, assuring users that “if you have a previous version, you’ll definitely want to check out version 3.0.” Writing for TechRepublic, John Kull said that GFI LANguard N.S.S. 3.0 offers not only “many new features, including the ability to report missing security patches and deploy them remotely”, but it can also be “a great tool for documenting your network”. -


TechRepublic members recommend GFI LANguard N.S.S.

GFI LANguard N.S.S.™ featured in a shortlist of nine products selected by TechRepublic members as the definitive tools for network autodiscovery. "GFI LANguard Network Security Scanner provides information, such as missing security patches, open shares, open ports, key registry entries, and weak passwords. Scan results are outputted to an HTML report, which can be customized and queried," wrote journalist Beth Blakely before citing a member comment: “It doesn't do anything fancy like network drawings, but it will quickly tell you what devices are out there. One feature will tell you what security holes exist on which machines and which Microsoft article number applies. You can even push down fixes/updates to individual machines or [to] your entire network at once.” -


A must-have security tool

In a round-up of essential utilities to troubleshoot and maintain IT systems, CRN Test Center reviewed GFI LANguard N.S.S.™ and pronounced that it "could quickly become a must-have for any solution provider dabbling in the security realm". Reviewer Frank Ohlhorst said the team was impressed with the product's quick and easy installation, its simple-to-use interface and the "breadth of the scanning features". He also highlighted its "powerful scripting language to automate and customize proactive security scans". - CRN Magazine


Software of the month

Quantum Illusions highly recommends GFI LANguard Network Security Scanner™, awarding it top marks and selecting it as the featured software of the month. "So you need to know how vulnerable your system and network is? Then you need GFI LANguard: It is easy to use and will tell you where your security on your network is lacking," the site says. - Quantum Illusions


GFI LANguard N.S.S. awarded

SoftwareSeeker, the successful in-depth software directory, has selected GFI LANguard N.S.S.™ for its Editor's Pick award. -


Making network administration easier

In a TechRepublic round-up of tools that make his job easier, network administrator and author Trevor Maingot included GFI LANguard Network Security Scanner™ as one of his favourite utilities, writing: "We use it (among other things) to pound on our firewall from the outside to see what is visible and to scan the inside to see what is open to exploitation." -


Lots of information for a small investment

In an article entitled "Protecting the Network without Breaking the Bank", Gerald Clevenger described the commercial version of GFI LANguard Network Security Scanner™ and commented that it "provides a lot of information useful in mapping the network, including Domain name, Operating system, MAC address, and netbios name, as well as whether the system is a domain controller or member server", adding that it "provides a lot of information for a small investment". - The SANS Institute


4 out of 5 for GFI LANguard N.S.S.

In a review in CRN magazine, GFI LANguard Network Security Scanner (N.S.S.)™ is given a four out of five rating and described as a feature-rich and easy-to-use package for keeping Windows and Linux system defenses up-to-date. The reviewer, Dave Bailey, tested “it on both Windows XP Professional and Vista systems and found it easy to install and use. Details of detected flaws and problems on scanned systems are displayed clearly”. He also noted the extensive range of scan profiles that are available. - CRN


Scanner ensures defences are intact

In a review in ITWeek magazine, Dave Bailey gives GFI’s LANguard Network Security Scanner™ 4 out of 5 stars and finds it to be “an easy-to-use security package, which gives useful information and guidance on any flaws found”. He says the latest edition “has a host of new features designed to counter security threats to mainstream software packages such as Windows Vista, Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 and Microsoft Office 2007”. The product also “provided up-to-date and useful security information that would help system administrators to maintain any Windows and Linux systems and also to refine desktop operating system images, especially Windows Vista, before deployment”. - ITWeek


GFI LANguard N.S.S. first runner-up in Network Security Scanner category

GFI LANguard Network Security Scanner (N.S.S.)™ has placed first runner-up in the network security scanner category of the Readers’ Choice Awards. The award serves as a mark of excellence, providing the ultimate recognition from peers within the industry. -


GFI LANguard N.S.S. wins award in patch management category

GFI LANguard Network Security Scanner (N.S.S.)™ has been selected the winner in the patch management category of the Readers’ Choice Awards. The award serves as a mark of excellence, providing the ultimate recognition from peers within the industry. -


Not an ordinary scanner

In a review in Security-Database, GFI LANguard N.S.S.™ is given a 4.5 out of 5 rating and described as “by far one of the best software that combines easily a decent security scanner, compliance software (PCI DSS) and patch management tool”. The reviewers say the product uses “a strong and flexible security engine” and “auditors and security administrators can rely on this product to get a global security view of their network”. They recommend users to “discover this good software”. - Security-Database


Useful and easy-to-use

In a review in Ethical Hacker, Brian Wilson gives GFI LANguard N.S.S.™ 8 marks out of 10 for its usefulness and ease of use. He says the product has a lot of "bells & whistles" that make it “even more useful than a standard scanning product”. He also praises the product’s patch management functions. “Pleasantly surprised” with GFI LANguard N.S.S., he said cost may be an issue for some, but, because of its overall usefulness and ease of use, “I give it an 8 out of 10 and an Ethical Hacker Network Recommendation.” -

Best TechEd 2007

GFI LANguard N.S.S. named Best of Tech·Ed 2007

GFI’s vulnerability management solution GFI LANguard Network Security Scanner (N.S.S.)™ was named as a winner of the ‘Best of Tech·Ed Awards 2007’, in the Security category, by Penton Media’s Windows IT Pro®, SQL Server Magazine® and Office & Sharepoint GFI LANguard N.S.S. was one of over 260 IT products and services submitted for the contest and the judges chose 45 finalists to be interviewed at Tech·Ed in Orlando, Florida. The interviews were conducted in early June and the winners were announced on June 6, 2007 at an evening reception at the Peabody Hotel Orlando. - Windows IT Pro


Great tool with heavyweight features

In a product review on, Alan Drury and John Watters describe GFI LANguard Network Security Scanner (N.S.S.)™ as a “tool that does everything you would want”. They said it comes with heavyweight features and “an excellent user interface that is a joy to work with”. Although it is not free, “pricing is competitive” and they encourage administrators to download GFI LANguard N.S.S. -


GFI LANguard N.S.S. wins 2007 Info Security Products Guide award

Security Products Guide, a Silicon Valley Communications publication and the world’s leading publication on security-related products and technologies, has named GFI LANguard Network Security Scanner (N.S.S.)™ a winner of the 2007 Global Excellence in Network Security Management Customer Trust Award. The publication said that “this customer trust honor is the greatest endorsement to the fact that GFI LANguard N.S.S. is ahead of the curve when it comes to the best-of-the-best products that can provide the highest security in network security management”. - Security Products Guide


A simple but useful tool

In a review on the French website,, JÃ?©rÃ?´me Athias gives GFI LANguard N.S.S.™ five stars out of five and describes the product as a simple, yet effective solution that should benefit system administrators. The reviewer also highlights various features in GFI LANguard N.S.S. that he found useful, particularly the ability to customize its “rich and varied” scanning and reporting configurations. -


Could prove to be a life-saver

In a review in Insecure magazine, reviewer Mark Woodstone describes GFI LANguard N.S.S.™ as “a very fast, efficient and function-filled security product that would surely be a great addition to any network and (for) system administrators that work with Microsoft Windows computers.” He says the product’s patch deployment functionality makes it “a must have product”. -


'Prime Rib' selection

In a review on, reviewer Billy Spies gives GFI LANguard N.S.S.™ 4 stars out of 5 and describes the product as an “excellent utility in keeping everything from small- to enterprise-sized networks safe and secure, as well as making it easy to update and patch machines that aren’t secure at the time”. He highly recommends the product and adds that he was “really blown away by the ease of how I could remotely monitor, scan, and update PCs not readily available to myself”. - Paultech


Bronze Readers’ Choice Award for GFI LANguard N.S.S.

GFI LANguard N.S.S. has won a bronze award in the vulnerability management category of the Readers’ Choice Awards organized by TechTarget, Inc.’s Information Security magazine and Products were rated by 1,595 information security executives and managers and to be eligible for award consideration, a product had to attain at least 25% of the number of responses garnered by the top vote receiver within its category. -


A tool for every day use

A review on Best Security Tips describes GFI LANguard Network Security Scanner™ as “a great example of a tool developed to be used everyday by all the security staff” and one that “fits perfectly in the ‘plan, do, check, act security framework”. The reviewer found the product to be easy to install and to be more than just a security scanner. He says GFI LANguard N.S.S. has a lot of features and encourages users to “discover them by actually using the product”. - Best Security Tips


Superb cost/benefit ratio

In a review on, GFI LANguard N.S.S.™ is described as giving “a superb benefit:cost ratio in the class of commercial vulnerability assessment and remediation tools”. The reviewer says the product is in the top 25 list on “for good reason, as we learned after testing it”. He also describes the installation as straightforward, with a handy wizard guiding you through the key steps. -

SerachWinSec 2006

GFI LANguard Network Security Scanner named Gold Winner again

GFI LANguard Network Security Scanner™ was chosen as the winner of the Gold Award in's Products of the Year 2006 Patch Management contest. The winners were selected by a panel of judges composed of independent industry experts, Windows security professionals and editors. -

nmap 2 years running

The most popular commercial security tool for the second year running!

In a survey of 3,243 Nmap users, GFI LANguard Network Security Scanner™ has been voted the favorite commercial security tool for the second year running. This position was achieved thanks to GFI LANguard N.S.S.’s product features, such as collecting “Windows machine's service pack level, missing security patches, wireless access points, USB devices, open shares, open ports, services/applications active on the computer, key registry entries, weak passwords, users and groups, and more”. -


An impressive scanning tool

In a review for IT-Administrator, a popular German magazine, Fabian Warkalla confirms that GFI LANguard N.S.S.™ “lives up to its promise”. The review highlights that the software can be “handled quite easily” and is praised for the various options available to customize the security scans, stating that the “different scan options are quite impressive”. -IT-Administrator


GFI LANguard N.S.S. gains the highest trust of customers worldwide

GFI Software announced today that Info Security Products Guide has named GFI LANguard Network Security Scanner™ a winner of the Global Excellence in Network Security Solution Customer Trust 2006 Award. This customer trust honor is the greatest endorsement to the fact that GFI LANguard N.S.S. is ahead of the curve when it comes to the best-of-the-best products that can provide the highest network security. - Info Security Products Guide

Generic Award

A favorite network security utility

GFI LANguard N.S.S.™ was awarded 4 out of a possible 5 star rating by PC Magazine in their 14th Annual Utility Superguide. The review highlights the product's ability to scan an "entire local network for hundreds of known vulnerabilities and produce a comprehensive report for each computer or device it discovers". -

Generic Award

Keeping your network secure

In an article in, reviewer Matthew D. Sarrel focused on the importance of discovering security flaws on your network and correcting them. The article praised the fact that GFI LANguard Network Security Scanner™ is “relatively inexpensive and easy to use.” It also highlighted significant product features, for instance GFI LANguard N.S.S. “provides information such as which Microsoft Windows Service Pack is in use, as well as reporting on missing security patches, open shares, open ports, services/applications active on the computer, key Registry entries, and weak passwords.” The article goes on to praise other product features such as the ability to perform security audits and generate vulnerability reports. -

Generic Award

Good and inexpensive program

In an article about desktop and server security in small to medium enterprises, GFI LANguard Network Security Scanner™ was recommended as a "good and inexpensive program that checks your network nodes for missing security patches and service packs". The article explained how important it is to have the "latest critical security updates from Microsoft" as this will offer protection from many threats. The author explained how they "tested and liked" GFI LANguard Network Security Scanner and concluded by referred to its cost effective pricing. -

searchwinsec 2005

GFI LANguard Network Security Scanner named Gold Winner

TechTarget’s named GFI LANguard N.S.S.™ as Gold Winner of the Testing and Auditing category of its 2005 “Products of the Year” awards. The winners were selected according innovation, performance, ease of integration into existing environments, ease of use and manageability, functionality and value. -


Ease of use and flexibility

In a lengthy review on @risk Online, GFI LANguard N.S.S.™ was described as a product with "strong features and reasonable pricing". The reviewer explained how the installation of the product was "quick, easy and painless" and required "very little user interaction". The review highlights the various features offered by GFI LANguard N.S.S. and explains that the strengths of the product are "its ease of use, its flexibility, and the fact that it serves as both vulnerability scanner and patch manager." He concludes by saying "I plan to continue using GFI LANguard N.S.S. here in my home office" and adds, "I think it can fit the bill for many small to medium sized organizations." - @risk Online

Win2K news

W2KNews 2005 Target Award Winner

GFI LANguard Network Security Scanner™ was voted the winner of the Sixth Annual Target Awards 2005 in the Vulnerability Scanners category by W2KNews, a large online newsletter dedicated to Windows NT/2000/2003 issues. The Target Awards are given to top Windows NT/2000/2003 utilities in 31 different categories through an online reader poll. “The Target Awards represent our attempt to highlight the ultimate shortlist of the best tools that system administrators look for in a number of categories,” said Stu Sjouwerman, editor-in-chief of W2Knews. - W2KNews


Best of TechEd 2005 Awards finalist

GFI LANguard Network Security Scanner™ is one of 31 finalists, out of 260 entries, in the the Best of TechEd 2005 Awards conducted by Windows IT Pro and SQL Server Magazine. It has been shortlisted in the competition's security category. - Windows IT Pro and SQL Server Magazine


Industrial strength solution

In a review for Processor Magazine, reviewer Douglas Schweitzer describes how GFI LANguard Network Security Scanner™ “plays devil’s advocate and warns users about weaknesses before a hacker can find them.” He highlights how GFI LANguard N.S.S. analyzes the OS and applications running on a network for possible security holes and “provides in-depth information about all your organization’s machines and devices”. He also referred to the HTML reporting system which enables you to “proactively secure your network”. - Processor Magazine


Recommended by CRN Test Center

AppTech reviewers Darrel Bowman (CEO), Debbie Block and John Jolly awarded GFI LANguard N.S.S.™ the CRN Test Center Recommended logo with 8 stars out of a possible 10. The reviewers described the product as an "an auditing tool used to proactively secure networks". They were impressed by the product's accessibility: "Installing the software was a snap. After running the initial scan, we were impressed with the tool's ease of use." The reviewers expressed "a huge amount of confidence" in GFI Tech Support as well as in "the company's level of knowledge about its product and all facets of security". They also found the manual to be "very informative and easy to read", stating that it was "a great example of GFI's engineering and security expertise". - CRN


Top security tool

GFI LANguard Network Security Scanner™ placed among the first 10 products in Astalavista's Top 50 Security Tools list. - Astalavista


A powerful scanning tool

In a review for IT Week, reviewer Dave Bailey describes GFI LANguard N.S.S.™ 6 as being "highly configurable", adding: "users can tune the scans at a very fine level to determine what the scans should look for". The reviewer also states that "installation was simple and we started scanning in less than five minutes". Clearly impressed with the product, he reports that GFI LANguard N.S.S. "gives quick, concise results and powerful scanning options". - IT Week


Five-star rating for GFI LANguard from!

The Windows NT/2000 Resource Center, has named GFI LANguard™ "App of the Week" and awarded it five palm trees, the topmost score. -

antisearch_5star.gif awards GFI LANguard 5 stars

Antisearch, the AntiOnline site that gives links to sites carrying technical and specific information about computer, network, and software security, has awarded GFI LANguard™ five stars. -


Four-cow rating for GFI LANguard from! awarded GFI LANguard™ four cows. The site lists "only the best programs out there... selected from thousands of submissions that have been put through a rigorous testing process by [its] crack team of reviewers". -